Thursday, May 29, 2008

A proud babeh...

Dear Kuya,

Thank you for always finding ways to impress the people around me. Especially today with your smiles and your politeness and your deep thoughts and simple manners. You totally impressed my Mom and if she was actually single, I'd have been slightly scared of her admiration for you. She totally would have tipped you for being the best significant other ever born on the face of this planet if people actually did that.

I really liked the way you just smiled even though I kept calling you my boy slave because you got stuck lugging my luggage because I was lazy and you didn't want my Mom to do it either. You were a real sport then and anyone would have been slightly insulted by my words but you must really love me because you just kept on laughing. I guess you knew I was kidding and it was just an expression, albeit a very twisted form, of my love for you.

Baby, you make me proud to be with you. Proud of every waking moment that I realize that you are mine and I am yours and that we will continue to belong to each other in the near, and hopefully very far, future.

I love you.

Lotsa love, Jana

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