Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fathers' Day...

There once was a man who became a husband and then a father.

He was strong and silent, yet also fun and goofy. He was always extremely generous and yet sometimes he can be a little stingy on the dough. He used to be of fair complexion but because he stayed under the sun all the time because of his work, his skin grew really dark. He was handsome then and he is handsome now.

There came a time that him and his family got involved in an accident. A terrible one at that. He knew he had to be strong and strong he was. He cared for his wife, daughter and son. He cooked, he cleaned, he washed clothes, he changed sheets, he gave showers, he cleaned wounds and on top of all of that he still had to work so that he could still bring home the bacon, as the saying goes. His patience and his love went far beyond just being a man with a wife and kids.

There are times when his intentions were questioned by his own daughter, because she was too caught up in the whirlwinds of her unstable emotions to see that he only cares for her and wants what is best for her. For this, I'm sure, she was dreadfully sorry. She is proud, extremely proud, that he was the man who became his father and she ought to be, for he is the greatest, coolest, funniest father ever.

I'm sure that on this special day, she would only want to thank the man who brought her up and showed her wrong from right and if she ever found someone who is just half of who he is, then she would be the luckiest girl on this planet, like her mother was the luckiest wife.


When I think of joy, I think of the times we spent watching movies we've already watched a gazillion times before and still laughing at all the funny parts. When I think of warmth, I think of all the times you would hug me before I sleep and after I wake up because I'm still your little baby girl even though I'm almost as tall as you. When I think of care, I think of all the times you passed me plate, exclaiming to everyone around the dinner table that I was your pretty princess. When I think of protection, I think of all the times you made sure I wouldn't make the wrong decisions especially about that boy I liked who was obviously all wrong for me. When I think of faith, I think of all the times you told me to hold on to God and every time you do, I'd clutch on just a little tighter.

When I think of love, I think of you.

Daddy, I love you.

Lotsa love, Jana

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