Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Just because...

Been busy for the past few days.

Sooo busy that I...

- think my whole body is suffering from the stress that I have put myself under. I currently have a headache, very tired eyes and very weak fingers.

- never want to see a pair of scissors again for my entire life because of the 200 pieces of paper that I had to cut in less than two hours.

- don't even have the time to be hungry or sleepy and as you know that is saying a lot because besides breathing, eating and sleeping are two of my most favorite hobbies.

- have missed all of my favorite shows and have relied upon downloading videos on youtube. Now currently waiting until I have the time to actually watch them. Haaaay.

But! Though I'm busy, I'm still unnaturally happy because I...

- have pretty, shiny, bouncy hair that I got from my summer vacation and it still hasn't gone away.

- still have the Turtle who just sent me a text that we're going to have a date this Friday and I am so happy because food and the Turtle? That just so makes my day.

Which just goes to show that nice, bouncy hair and the Turtle (with food) is enough to erase any negativity that surrounds the life of a student.


Lotsa love, Jana

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Blogger Ejiikiieru said...

i feel for you! ... i too was making gupit of flyers for a concert not long ago! ... lucky they have replays on TFC :3

8:53 PM 
Blogger jana said...

haha. thanks. i wish i had the chance to watch replays boo hoo. haha

8:23 PM 

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