Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ebil, I Tell You

So it's the first week of classes.

And I can't believe I actually have a ton to do already! I mean the first week of school ought to be professors not really in the mood to teach yet because they're still feeling the vacation blues and such, and therefore all we have for the first week are short classes and just chatting on how we're doing.

Which just goes to show that the world is getting more and more evil all the time and even great teachers from the college who are usually very kind, funny and lax are now very kind, funny and very very strict.



Lotsa love, Jana

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Humour is an element that adds spice to life and without which may be life would have been very difficult to spend. But contrary to what many people believe, humour is not all about smiling and laughing, though it caters to these fields mainly. Humour is actually the capability to see the lighter side of life, sometimes even in a serious environment. But this lighter view of life should be done intelligently. Slapstick humour is no humour at all, it is just trash.

4:18 PM 
Blogger jana said...

um... sure?

4:32 PM 

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