Saturday, November 22, 2008



I don't usually use all caps to express something but I didn't think that just bolding can emphasize the gravity of the word FINALLY to express what that words mean to me at this very moment.

I FINALLY got internet connection again at home! After several months of being internet-less due to laptop failures, my Dad bought me a second-hand desktop computer to use for the moment. And yeah, even though it's a "gaming" computer with mostly games eating up the memory and I had to delete a whole lot of the unnecessary softwares and lacking a lot of the basic softwares that I needed, it is sufficient for the moment and I am extremely happy!

I FINALLY got my very own digital camera! Which is so much better than using and borrowing and using my cousin's old one. I mean I can actually zoom from across the room and do the whole blurring effect thing that I totally enjoy doing! Behold a picture of my not-longer pretty phone!

I FINALLY got my Dad to meet my boyfriend! Dad totally adores the Turtle! I am beyond elated because it's feels amazingly good when you're parents support your relationship. The Turtle was a little apprehensive of meeting my Dad, scared-stiff to be exact, but I told him not to worry. It's impossible for anyone to hate the Turtle. He's just to adorable and nice to be disliked. And I was right!

I FINALLY got a haircut! It's extremely short and Oh-emm-gee I've never got my hair this short before! Ever! And I am like so happy! Cause I feel bouncy and pretty. Behold my new hair-cut! And my emo-face!


Lotsa love, Jana

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