Sunday, February 08, 2009

Couple Rant

See, here's another reason why I can't reconcile my memory of high school and my life here in the Philippines. Back in high school my only idea of a love life were conceptualized through paperbacks and words on a computer screen, and now, now every one comes to me when it comes to their love problems.

For the past week alone, I had to think up of advice three couple-ish problems. It was kind of weird when you think about it, because dude, how did that happen? When did I suddenly turn into Doc. Love? I think I missed that in the Jana-manual that life has given me.

Couple #1
There is a girl who loves a guy and the guy likes, no, he loves the girl too. Except of a thousand reasons, which I told the guy was not really that big of a deal (I mean of course your dad is going to like her, you're thinking too much, and of course she's going to be true you idiot, and yes yes I'm sure you will be great for her, even if you feel like you don't because you make her happy, blah, blah, blah), the guy cannot commit to the girl. So since he cannot commit to her, he basically stops all communication with her and tells her that she is in the past and he no longer has any feelings for her (the idiot) and the girl is more than slightly hurt. The girl is trying to moving on, but the guy still likes loves her and I am their "in-between". What should they do, they ask? I say, talk to each other, cause talking through me is pretty much the same thing, except there is no me in between maaaan. Plus you both love each other right? So why not give it a chance and stop with the running away.

Couple #2
This is a typical case of a love triangle. Or maybe I should say a square. There's guy #1, girl #1, guy #2 and girl #2. Guy #1 and girl #1 used to have a romantic relationship with one another, but guy #1 screwed a whole lot of things up and eventually left girl #1 in severe pain with months and months worth of tears. So after all those tears girl #1 decides enough is enough and eventually feels like she's moving on. Guy #1 in turn falls for girl #2, which may I just point out is girl #1's best friend. Girl #2 does not, will not and cannot like guy #1 because she loves someone else (may I also point out that she's the girl in couple #1). Guy #1 insists on persisting and persuading his love upon girl #2. Then guy #2 comes along and falls for girl #1. Girl #1 decides to be smart and allows guy #2 to have a chance, even though she hasn't completely moved on from guy #1. When guy #1 finds out about guy #2, he realizes that he still loves girl #1 and therefore has decided to come back, just when guy #2 and girl #1 are doing good together. Girl #1 still has feelings for guy #1, but I hope she makes the right choice. My advice to her was be smart this time around. I don't care who she'll choose, as long as she'll make the right choice and when she does, I'll support her. But if she chooses guy #1, and he hurts her again, I will first beat her to a pulp for being an idiot and then I'll beat guy #1 for hurting her again. As for guy #1, he better live with the decisions that he makes because a time will come when he can't afford to change his mind every time he feels like doing so.

I think I used up my fair share of #, as well the whole blogging community's share of #, with that paragraph. Also that's a very long paragraph. I think I just fell asleep re-reading it.

Couple #3
So thankfully couple #3 doesn't really have problems because couple #2 was a woozy to describe man. Guy here loves the girl and girl loves the guy. The girl wants to say yes to the guy already so that they would be an official couple and therefore asked me for help in order that it would be romantic. Unfortunately when I look back to when me and the Turtle became official, I only remember that I have nothing very good to offer.

January 24, 2008. The Crazy has already discussed it with her parents that she and the Turtle will become officially recognized by the college on that day and has prepared for delivering the news to the Turtle. The Crazy has spent the whole week talking to the Dean of the College, because the College is such a Bible college that makes sure that their students do not just have casual relationships that the parents of students have no idea of and therefore there is a lot to do when it comes to being in a relationship here in the College. At dinner, the Turtle and the Crazy are seated next to each other and the Crazy gathers all her courage to say that they are now officially together.

Crazy: (munching) Oh, yeah. It's official. We're an item.

Turtle: (stops in mid-munch) What?

Crazy: (munches) Hm. Yeah. I already talked to my parents and the Dean about it.

Turtle: (shocked) Wow. I'm like so (smiles) happy.

Crazy: Yeah me too.

The Turtle and the Crazy looks at each other for a few minutes. The Turtle then ends up laughing really hard.

Turtle: You could have told it in a slightly more romantic way, you know.

Crazy: I used up my brain matter talking with the Dean and my parents.

The Turtle laughs some more and the Crazy joins him. After a few minutes, the weird couple settles down and continues to eat dinner.

And with only that as experience, I can only hope that things go well with couple #3 even though I'm not sure I could have helped in any way possible with those two.

In other news, I miss the Turtle. Talking about all these couples have made me miss him a lot and therefore the Crazy will once again impose herself upon the Turtle.

Bye ya'll!

Lotsa love, Jana

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