Saturday, February 14, 2009

On This Day

ACT XIV SCENE VI, It's valentine's day, or according to the Crazy's professor, it's the day where love is used to milk people into paying 10 times more for the same looking flower, box of chocolates, blah, blah, all because "Happy Valentine's Day!" was sprayed across the box slash wrapping paper slash glorified newspaper. The Turtle and The Crazy have decided to go simple this year and just spend the whole day doing all the normal things that couples do. But since the Crazy is as always far from normal, has decided to spend the day poking the Turtle on his cheek because he has the softest face ever. After having breakfast, lunch and an early dinner together, with several holding of hands, smiles, laughter, hugs and poking in between, the day has ended and the Turtle needs to go home.

Crazy: I'll walk you to the street.

Turtle: No, you don't have to.

Crazy: Yeah but I want to.

Turtle: Ok, but you really should stop poking my face now.

Crazy: But your face is sooooo soft.

Turtle: Yeah, but people outside will stare.

Crazy: Ok, I'll stop. *pokes* That was the last one, I swear!

Turtle: (laughs) Alright let's go.

The Turtle and the Crazy walks outside and the Crazy walks the Turtle to the street and waits for him to ride a jeep home. The Turtle looks at the Crazy and the Crazy smiles and he decides to hold her hand. The Crazy squeezes his hand tightly. The Turtle looks back at the Crazy's house and frowns slightly.

Turtle: I'll walk you back, the street is dark.

Crazy: No it's ok, I'll be fine.

Turtle: (shakes head) No. Really I want to walk you back.

Still holding hands, the Turtle and the Crazy walk back to the gate of her house. At the gate, the Turtle nods for the Crazy to go inside already. The Crazy just pokes the Turtle. The Turtle smiles and starts to walk away. When the Turtle turns around the Crazy, being crazy, is right behind him.

Turtle: What's wrong?

Crazy: I'll miss you (looks down).

Turtle: (laughs) I'll miss you too. I'll text you while I'm traveling and I'll call you as soon as I get home, so you won't miss me that much, ok?

Crazy: (softly) Ok.

Turtle: (leads the Crazy back to her house) Now stay, ok? I've got to go now, before it gets really late. I love you.

Crazy: I love you too. Take care alright?

Turtle: I will.

Crazy: (pokes)

Turtle: (laughs) I love you, now go inside.

The Crazy walks inside the house and goes to the nearest window and watches the Turtle slowly walk away, but before he is completely out of her sight, he turns around and waves and blows her a kiss. The Crazy fainted and consequently turned into a mushy puddle.

The Crazy has immensely enjoyed her valentine's day and wishes one and all a Happy valentine's day as well!

Lotsa love, Jana

[Credits to Angelique for the ACT SCENE idea thing from which I patterned this valentine entry after.]

I just realized that this is the first time I ever spent valentine's day with anyone! Me and the Turtle became a couple one month after valentine, and the year before this, he had to go on a school field trip. It's kinda funny how I've been waiting for a decent valentine date for 19 years and finally, on my 20th year breathing on this planet, I had the best significant other as my date and I poked his face and I totally enjoyed myself. I just want to say thank you, cupid, for finally giving me a break man!

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