Sunday, March 08, 2009

Let it Begin

I think I may have forgotten to mention earlier that the school year 2008-2009 is over and that I am now on vacation people!!

Woot-woot! To those who haven't yet noticed, I intend to make it as plain as possible that I am extremely happy that the summer vacation has started. I have so many ways and plans of relaxing that my fingers are tingling at the expectation of the joy of resting.

Yeah, yeah, I know, the sparkle of the vacation will probably disappear after a day or two, and I'll be bored and wishing it was over, but I plan for it to be different! I think I'm really going to enjoy this vacation. I have a feeling that the sparkle won't fade this time around. Maybe this feeling is because of this year, the third year at the college, which can be summarized in a single phrase: bugger off life, I'm busy.

Maybe now that I can afford the time to actually breathe whenever I feel like it, I'm actually thankful that I have the time to enjoy this vacation. Sure I'll probably be taking up some summer classes, and a summer job, but most of the time I'll still be resting. And I'll be resting the Jana way, which means watching TV, staying up, sleeping in, and using the computer nonstop. Woot-woot! No more neck-deep piles and piles of requirements. No more running here, running there, running everywhere. None of that, at least for a while.

Though of course, there is this one thing about the vacation that would be a tad bothersome to me. And it's the fact that I won't be able to see the Turtle everyday, as opposed to during school days, when I get to see him almost six times a week. I am dreadfully going to miss being attached to his arm, and the smiles he sends that melts me into little incoherent puddles of melted ooze.

He's the only thing I'm going to miss during the vacation. Curse the Philip of Pines for being such a large country that meeting up with your significant other takes more than five hours of travel.


Lotsa love, Jana

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