Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just Crazy

Drama, drama, drama

It's like someone pulled me out of my life and decided to place me in one of those asian dramas that I watch until the wee hours of the morning. Good thing I still have my leading man, because if I hadn't, I would have thrown myself over the nearest bridge, which really I do not want to have to do because have you seen the garbage-filled rivers that are in the city, here in the Philippines? I think I'd die of bacteria infection instead of actual drowning.

Drama #1
An old ex-friend decides to show up after several months of hiatus. The last time we spoke consisted of screaming and shouting and would have to be rendered into exclamation marks and capital letters in order to do it justice if I were to type about that here.

And then suddenly out of the blue, he makes a comeback, claiming to be all nice and claiming that no more whining, no more complaining, no more insulting, he swears. And I think, why the heck not? I'm one who likes to give second, third, twentieth chances, so I give him another chance. First few weeks, he was alright.

Then suddenly he explodes!

And we get into another exclamation capital letters he insults me and I am so pissed off fight. He starts complaining, whining and bloody heck I just wanted to go blind and deaf right then and there. After a lot of arguing (!!!) and shouting (OH EM GEE), I finally made my decision.

And so I told him to stay away from me now.

Drama #2
At the college I have three best girl friends, and recently someone's been attacking my little oasis of girl friendship happiness.

On of my friends has an ex, who now seems to have a budding relationship with Ms. Attacking Other People's Oasis of Girl Friendship Happiness. And this girl suddenly out of nowhere, sends a message of threat claiming so many things that cannot all be true. And she's trying to break us apart with her weird claims, and that it was someone within the our group who have said nasty things about my friend with the ex, and and and I so totally bet that it's her overall jealousy of the beautiful friendship that we share that is making her resort to these kind of underhanded methods. I mean like we really care who the ex of my friend ends up with.

A girl-cat fight? What is this, high school?

Drama #3
Here's a little background

You know how some families are so dysfunctional? The father is an alcoholic, the mother spends too much money, the older brother has some girl pregnant, the older sister is on cocaine and the youngest is a genius but no one appreciates her because they give much more care to the TV than to their budding genius of a daughter - that kind of family?

Well, I thank God that my immediate family is so far removed from that, however my extended family are, to borrow a phrase, weird beyond comprehension. Like completely, one hundred percent, out there. Someone must have decided to use up all of life's weirdness and poured them out on my aunts and uncles and cousins.

My father's side are too busy to give a care about you and my mother's side are all in your face because they've got nothing better too. Both sides are dysfunctional personified.

Enough of the background.

Yesterday, an uncle exploded because I forgot to turn off the light after using the bathroom. He literally freaking exploded. From bathroom lights, he went and insulted my heritage, and said that I was a spoiled brat, that I was a weird hybrid of a pig, that I was going to burn, and that my parents didn't know what they were doing when they raised me and my brother. Then he just went on to random curses and swearing.

All the time I was sitting there, and I was thinking,


It was a freaking light bulb, no need to get your boxers in a knot. Well I am sorry if I'm forgetful, but dude? Seriously, for a freaking light bulb, you insult my heritage, which may I just point out is your heritage too?

Gyaaaaaah..(insert an hour's worth of pissed off scream here)..ah

End of Drama Count

And all of these? They all happened within the span of a couple of days. Whoopdeedoo, I guess I can say my summer vacation has been spectacular, huh? I can hardly say it's boring.

As I've mentioned earlier, thank God, thank you so much Je, that I still have my leading man, the Turtle, because I'd have given up a long time ago if the Turtle wasn't there to support me every step of the long and winding dialogue.

I just hope we defy the current tradition of some dramas, where they're going to be separated and then after two years, I have changed into a gorgeous lady, and he still needs me and does everything to woo me back. Though as much as I like the gorgeous part and the wooing especially, I think I'd die if I was truly separated from him, and I wouldn't know if I would see him again or not.

Hmm, I wonder if we would have a title for my drama?

Jana's Crazy Life?

Hmm, maybe Just Crazy?

Lotsa love, Jana

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Anonymous chiui said...

gaarrr..maybe your uncle was in a heck of a bad mood. =/
i think that the worst of the families are being called. it's so nice. heehee.

5:56 PM 
Blogger jana said...

well it must have been one heck of bad mood to jump from lightbulbs to cursing our ancestors. hmmmm.

11:20 PM 

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