Saturday, April 25, 2009

Scared Now, Really


Forget the drama, drama, drama, joke.

I might be for a moment right now, might be, well really really fecking scared out of my wits, to put it simple words that my brain might be able to comprehend. Why am I so fecking scared out of my wits, you my faithful, my one, my only, my non-existent fan, might ask?

Well, if you might remember my previous entry on how my life is just crazy? Well it has gotten much much scarier.

You see my uncle with the boxers in a knot? Well he strikes again, this time going from talking about someone owing someone some money, people who are not related to me or to any of my parents, he suddenly goes into insulting my parents. At first I was indignant, what the heck is wrong with that guy? And I talked to my parents about it, and I might be moving houses very very soon. So yay for that, right?

However after I consulted with my parents, among other relatives, it seems my uncle might be... well dysfunctional in the he's on drugs dysfunctional way. And I've heard stories. Scary stories. Scary freaking me out of my wits scary stories.

So, you know if you never hear from me after this, it might be because I'm buried somewhere in our backyard or something. Don't worry, though, my lonesome non-existent fan, I'll leave this blog to be updated by someone who is as crazy as me so you won't be lonely.

Ciao, y'all, and do pray for my safety.

Lotsa love, Jana



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