Monday, May 25, 2009

Meet Jeebaby

What's up, pumpkin pies?

I seem to have this overwhelming feeling to blog, and yet this overwhelming feeling can't seem to provide me with any topic to actually blog about, so instead I've been typing and deleting words every fifteen minutes or so, words which can be summarized into one simple sentence: I've run out of things to do, can't school start already?

I have been spending a lot of time plurk-ing, and facebook-ing, so much that my thought pattern now talks to myself, and because I'm crazy, myself speaks in the third person. Though Jana is enjoying herself playing with her pet, Jeebaby, in Pet Society, there is more to life for her than words and moving figures on a screen. She wants to see the Turtle for one thing, and plus she just lost all her Pet Society coins because she gambled too much.

Look, pumpkin pies! This is Jeebaby, and she is a spoiled little purple whatever the heck type of animal she may be. I'd do anything just to get this little Jeebaby all the money that she needs, even visiting all of her friends just to scrounge for some 20 coins a hug, in order that I can buy her pretty dresses, may I just ask, why are the purple stuff so expensive Pet Society? I also think she needs some shoes, don't you think?

I need more coins, time to hug some smelly pets.

Lotsa love, Jana

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Anonymous chiui said...

heehee! perfect pet name! janajeejeejeeJEEBABYbaby!
anyway, haha. i dont want school to start yet. im still having so much fun. but sadly, school's starting. wuuhuu :(

12:18 AM 
Anonymous Keiti said...

i still don't want to go back to school... :( i remembered i haven't been checking on my pet at Petsoc. the flies are probably swarming at my house. LOL.

9:48 PM 

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