Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Greetings, pumpkin pies!

As I've mentioned in my previous entries, with a lot of fairies flying in and about that I bet you all are sick of all these talk about fairies but hey my Internet is stable enough to publish pictures so I'm thankful enough for one last mention; I have posted some of the wedding pictures!

I woke up at around four in the morning because the preparations for the wedding was happening at the house and they were doing make-ups and stuff here in this room. So I woke up a little woozy but never woozy enough to document the changes that my face took!

This is before anything is applied, anywhere. I have bed hair, luggage under my eyes and I'm wearing a ratty t-shirt. But hey, even though I have bed hair, my hair is still short and cute! Woot-ness for the pretty short bob!

This after make-up has been applied. I now own shiny lips, and, though it's not obvious here, I got pretty eyes. And those eyes are trying really hard not to cry because the way the make-up was applied, kind of hurt, especially with the eyelashes. I still remember it, huhu.

Ah, the finished product! Don't I look pretty? I blink prettily at you so that you will be convinced of my pretty-ness. *blink blink*

Pretty, right? Hehehe.

That's how my dress looks like from afar, and I don't have any other clearer pictures of the full body and I totally screwed up my face in that picture, but it's alright because look at my sparkly dress! It all makes up for it!

Oh, and that guy is my partner during the wedding. He was quiet, so I pretty much did all the talking. We were the cord sponsors. It was fun, but I have a feeling that I scared him. Ah well.

But the best part of the day was being with my real partner and significant other. He was my date for the wedding, and it was fun because I was a bridesmaid and being a bridesmaid means I get freebies and I'm going somewhere with this sentence really, and he still served me drinks like I didn't have any freebies and so I shared my freebies with him, and doesn't he just love me so much?


Lotsa love, Jana

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Anonymous Rachelle said...

wow. nice make up + cute hair + gorgeous dress = pretty bridesmaid! aww..

i remember my sister's wedding cause of this post.

12:21 AM 
Blogger jana said...

Wahahaha; thanks. it's all thanks to the make-up. hahahha I'm not pretty really. hahahaha

how was your sister's wedding??

11:42 AM 
Blogger genisa said...

I love your haircut. I want to have that too but I think that cut doesn't fit me. It just make me look more 'masculine'. HAHA. XD Sabi kasi ng mga tropa ko mukha daw akong lalaki. HANEP. XD
Anyway, thanks for the welcome here and for commenting, ^^

3:22 PM 
Blogger jana said...

@genisa; dude! they all said that I couldn't pull it off either! AND I DID!!! Just take the courage and the step and maybe, just maybe it'll be great for you too!

4:56 PM 
Anonymous Chiui said...

wow your hair looks good on you! XD and the's green! *drools* i just love it. :D

6:33 PM 
Blogger jana said...

Hahaha, well the only reason why I didn't like was that because it was green. hmmm but I like how it fit on me. Hahaha

8:25 PM 
Anonymous Keiti said...

wow! you looked good! hehe. and you brought a date to the wedding! (woot) HAHA!

alam ba yan ni Dean?? *joking*
btw.. nice hair too. :D

6:42 PM 
Blogger jana said...

hahaha kaliangan pa ba imemorize yan??? HEHEHE.

7:35 PM 
Anonymous Jammy said...

wooh! i am mesmerized by your pretty eyes going blink blink!

I love your haircut!! o(><)o

11:23 AM 
Blogger jana said...

I blink blink your way!


10:37 AM 

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