Friday, May 08, 2009


What is up with the weather in Philip of Pines, people?

First it's hot like heck, then freezing cold, then humidly wet, and then hot all over again. I have this sneaking suspicion that the world is ending, and someone, somewhere around the world, is telling some gullible people that they ought to sell everything they own and move in with aforementioned someone and surrender all their money, except they are obviously and redundantly gullible because if the world is going to end, what in the world does the aforementioned someone need your money for? What, is aforementioned someone the only one allowed to have money after the world ends?

And that paragraph ended far from where it started.

It is approximately four days until this fugitive running away to a different house thing is over because my Mom and brother are arriving on May 12 and we're going to completely cut ourselves off from all these dysfunctional family drama, and I wouldn't have to tiptoe around so I wouldn't step on any toes any longer, and my brother and I will be free of all dysfunctional behavior, except, you know, our own.

Also on May 12, I am going on a date with the Turtle, which ends with us picking up my Mom and brother from their flight from Brunei. But it is a date with the Turtle nonetheless and I am ecstatic because if it were possible I want to permanently sew myself to the Turtle's hip, that way no one can force me to leave him because I am an appalling, embarrassing and not to mention crazy girlfriend that way.

In my humble opinion, any reason to be with him deserves a celebration that involves fancy dresses, men in tuxedos, dancing, music and an All You Can Eat, Eat All You Can, You Can Eat All Buffet. It's just too bad that our wallets put together cannot even afford the shiny sparkles used in a fancy dress, because any fancy dress must sparkle, and if we can't have the sparkles, it is officially not a dress, like Pluto is officially not a planet.

Oh look, dinner's ready. Ciao, ya'll.

Lotsa love, Jana

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Anonymous Chiui said...

Ive heard about the crazy weather in the Philippines. HAHAH. It's nice that I'm not there at this time. lol.
i wonder how Brunei looks like? My Dad's planning to take us there..maybe next vacation.
Fancy dresses sparkle?? OMY. I dunno. Well, I have a "fancy" dress for prom but it doesnt sparkle. maybe it's the price tag which sparkles. lol.

3:51 PM 
Anonymous Keiti said...

the weather is freaking crazy.. i hope it DIES! unfortunately, it can't. sweaty me.. hahaha!

i was just wondering... has anyone died of Frequent Weather Change??

BTW, i'll put you on my links. :D

2:54 PM 
Blogger jana said...

@chiui; haha Brunei is a great place if your into peace and quiet. wahahaha. I actually really miss that place a lot.

@keiti; thanks for putting me on your links. question though? which blog should i link? the hoochoo one or the blogger one?

9:31 PM 

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