Sunday, June 21, 2009


And Father's Day is almost over!

Everyone around the world is doing this whole, long, drawn out messages on how they love their fathers, on how they've forgiven all the mistakes, on how their so in sync with their fathers, etc.

But I shall make it simple.

You're the best Dad in the world, hands down! You are like the model that inspires me, and can you believe how much you are my true superhero?

In fact I look up to you so much that I have found a significant other which has your characteristics, your morals, your restraint, your sense of humor, heck even your nickname is exactly the same!

I love you Daddy-kins.

Thanks for loving us back.

Lotsa love, Jana

Conversation with my Mom
Mom: That's not fair!
Me: What isn't fair?
Mom: You have Daddy's picture on your blog and not mine! I demand that you place me in there too!
Me: But it's Father's Day
Mom: I didn't see a picture of me on Mother's Day!
Me: ...

And therefore, due to consistent request!

Tis my BEAUTIFUL mother!

You know I love you too, Mom.

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Blogger Seng Hoo said...

HAHA! You neglected your mother and the appearance of her picture in your blog during Mother's day? HAHA.

10:44 AM 
Blogger jana said...

Hahaha, yes. It happened TWICE already. Hahahaha. It's not that I intentionally do it... but it's more of... I usually don't remember when Mother's day is....

1:05 PM 
Anonymous Maura said...

Haha parents!!!

3:05 AM 
Blogger Den said...

You're Mom's funny! and btw, you look alike. :]

1:32 AM 
Blogger jana said...

@Maura; wahahaha yes!

@Den; haha I'm not sure about that. hehehehe

10:24 AM 

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