Sunday, July 19, 2009

Blood and Sparkles

So I did something new this week.

What would that be, you ask, my dear pumpkin pies? Well, it's something I've never, ever, done in my entire life, breathing and living on this planet. The college had a blood donation drive at the clinic last Thursday and so, you see, I took the liberty of letting some lady stick a needle into one of my veins...

Letting her take this whole big bag-full of blood from my body.

And now I'm a member of the People Who Give Blood Club.


Though I have to admit that the whole time my blood was being taken to help some poor person who might need a whole bag-full of my blood, all I could think of, was Sparkly Edward's pouting face, or what substitutes as pouting for said sparkly being. I can't say it wasn't a pleasant experience because even though I hated the sparkly being's guts, the sending of negative thoughts towards aforementioned sparkly being did take my mind off the the feeling of my blood flowing out of my body into a bag.

A wonderful experience that I plan to repeat regularly.

Message to the pumpkin pies:
Give blood, before those sparkling freaks suck it out of you!

Lotsa love, Jana

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Blogger Rachelle said...

That's nice Jana! I wanna donate my blood too. I just don't know where.

3:31 PM 
Blogger jana said...

Well, the Red Cross people came here so that's why I manage to donate blood. Try checking out some redcross people or websites or something. Hahaha

9:50 AM 

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