Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mornings and Jobs

The morning breeze blows past my hair. The twits of birds from afar can be easily heard above the soft quiet sounds of the morning. Even the rooster crowing so early in the morning, something which would usually annoy me, somehow seems to fit just right in a morning such as this.

The morning at the college is so peaceful, and so beautiful that I almost want to spend every morning like this. Sometimes, waking up so early in the morning has it's own wonderful benefits.

In related news, I'm currently spending the weekend at the college because of a seminar-slash-retreat-slash-something that I'd like to call Student Leaders Planning Summit. Or Retreat. Or maybe just That Time Were We, the Appointed and/or Nominated then Elected, Student Leaders Meet, Plan, and then Eat Good Free Food.

Why am I here?

Well because I'm the type of girl that breaks barriers, and I have broken the male presidents barrier by being the only girl this year to become the Junior Class President. How empowering is that? Eat that, non-feminist person! Except there is this one thing I've got to ask though, and it's not because I'm complaining or anything.

Well you see, pumpkin pies, the presidents and vice presidents of various classes have formed this committee called the Welfare and Development Committee which handles the taking care of our fellow classmates that need help, and myself being the only female in the company was automatically assigned the job of being the secretary of the committee.

What is up with that?

And I thought I got away from all those typing of minutes and all that other doodles man, and yet here I am once again, automatically assigned the secretary position.

I don't mind, honestly. It's just funny that when one thinks of secretary, they always think female, girl, lady, with glasses who loves to write. And even though I'm mostly that, I don't think I'm the secretary type at all, and yet I've been some form of secretary for three years in a row now.


Lotsa love, Jana

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Blogger Rachelle said...

barriers, you're going down! watch out for Jana.

*okay, that was so corny*

4:48 PM 
Blogger jana said...


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