Monday, October 26, 2009


I cut my hair.

Like really short.

Like I just turned myself into a young emo boy, and the only things I'm missing are the eyeliners, the tight pants, the depressing tunes, and cut-scars on my arm.

And I absolutely, positively, love how I look. It's like I've always been jealous of the emo-boys that I've seen hanging out the mall and their cool hair are always so very cool, and I've always wanted to have some form of it, and now? Now? I have the hair that somewhat looks just like it, and I love it.

In other news, did I mention that our semestral break is over? Did I even mention that we had a semestral break? Did we even have a semestral break? Do those even exist nowadays? I mean this whole one-week somewhat of a break sped by so fast that here I am, still getting on my rest till whenever I want, and just when I'm comfortable, school slaps me in the face and says: "Hey, you lazy comfortable girl, it's time for class!"

Ah well, new semester equals new hair?

I can only say: Yay!

Lotsa love, Jana

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