Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Just Wanted To Say

Once upon a time a girl met a boy.

The girl thought this boy seemed really nice, and he seemed really friendly too. As time passed, boy and girl started spending time together. Soon enough the girl soon started falling for the boy, and each day is categorized happy depending on whether she saw boy or not, with ecstatic if boy smiled at her.

When boy told girl that he loved her, girl got really scared.

Did boy tell girl he loved her because he found out that she liked him? Did boy really fall in love with girl because he truly loved her or because he decided that since he probably wanted a girl, girl would have to suffice? Consequently will boy love girl forever or would he leave her the moment some better girl comes along?

But what girl didn't know, and only realized until much much later, was that boy had always been looking at her from afar. Boy saw girl first, and boy made sure she would see him too.

And see she did.

She saw, and she fell in love.

To the Boy who loved me first
From the Girl who'll always love you back.

Lotsa love, Jana

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

u guys are so lucky to have found each other. wish i had that.

3:03 PM 
Blogger jana said...

@Anon; it'll come when it's the right time. I can promise you that. Also, it'll come when you're not looking for it, and sometimes... when it no longer matters whether it'll come or not.

8:26 AM 
Blogger โค้ดเมาส์ said...


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