Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Not So Simple Way To Say I Love You


What is it about that word really? Isn't it ironic that I find something really special about the very word which when employed aims to deny the very special thing about anything?


As in by itself, nothing spectacular. Nothing worth noting about. And yet it can be paired with words like amazing, wonderful, girnormous, and the person listening doesn't seem to mind the contradiction in the match up.


Maybe the word isn't so... well, so simple after all, so to speak. Maybe it was originally used in that manner to explain the ordinary and useless matters of the world, till time got a hold of it and altered it to become what it is today. No matter the reason, simple, simply, and simplicity no longer convey the ordinary.

There is nothing ordinary in a simple love. There is absolutely nothing ordinary in the way a night can turn from just a night to suddenly becoming simply amazing. The simplicity of you and me, is a matter that only the special beating of the heart can understand.

It's simple really: I simply love the simplicity of us.

Lotsa love, Jana

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"simplicity of us"

that "simplicity" never existed in my life. "simple" was never there. and it's not and never will be.

anyway, but i love... reading about love. thanks for writing about your thoughts. i love reading them.

2:59 PM 
Blogger jana said...

@Anon; I waited for 18 years to meet someone like him. For some it took much longer than that.

But if it's meant to be for you, then I believe it'll happen. Just wait.

Simplicity of us doesn't have to be romantic love, simplicity can also be applied to friendships, and family. Nothing so simple about that ey?

8:24 AM 

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