Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine Every Day

Two days late, but happy hearts day to all!

Last year, I spent my Valentine's day with the Turtle, the first time ever I've spent with anyone. This year, we didn't get to meet because it just happened to have coincided on the day we were both busy on both ends of the Philippines, where meeting is impossible.

I could say I felt depressed, but I didn't.

He called me at 7 A.M. in the morning, and made sure I was side awake to hear him greet me, several times if I might add, happy valentines so that I won't forget and be angry with him for not greeting me.

The whole day was spent sending text messages filled with I love you's and I miss you's and what are you doing now and how you doing and all of that. I thought that he was being like this just because it's a special day, and I thought that was really sweet.

But then I realized something else.

He was like this, every single day, all the time. How could I only find it special on Valentines day? How could I? SRSLY? He treated every single day as Valentines day, and not in the excuse form of not treating me special, but in the great form of treating me special every single day.

That's why even though today is no longer Valentines day, I just want to say that I would love it if I could be your Valentines day, every single day of our lives together.

You never have to ask because the answer's always going to be yes.

Lotsa love, Jana

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