Saturday, April 10, 2010

Feelings and Thoughts

What have I been doing recently?

Well I've been spending most of the time surfing the internet, watching movies and old shows, and reading books and mangas, all in one combined and focused effort to waste seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks until it's finally time to fly off to the tiny, teeny, beautiful land of Brunei.

I cannot believe that it's only about four more days.

I'm so very excited, like I've got tingling in my bones because I'm finally going to come home after two long years, and I get to show the Turtle around, and it's going to be AMAZING.

But I shall stop boring you with another entry filled with EXCITEMENT at the prospect of spending THREE WHOLE WEEKS with the Turtle.


INSTEAD, I'll just bore you with a useless entry about what I feel about all of the stuff I've been doing lately to pass the time, because you know that's just SO MUCH BETTER.


Feelings and Thoughts Regarding Surfing the Internet:

Do you know just how beautiful the INTERNET is? It's like this treasure trove of all kinds of beautiful knowledge just waiting to be picked up and stored in some deep dark part of brain! It's also a great way to STALK people.

Most of the time when I surf the internet, I usually end up doing one of three things: Stalk people on Facebook, download some good things, or just catch up on some random trivia on Wikipedia. Oh who am I kidding? I DO ALL THOSE THINGS AT THE SAME TIME!

Especially the stalking, I do a lot of that.

It's a great way to waste time because not only are you learning stuff about random things as well as the life of your all of your friends, and even those you barely know or have never talked to... AHEM, anyway it's amazing because before you know it A WHOLE DAY HAS PASSED (and you're so much closer to the start of the best vacation of your life)!!!


Feelings and Thoughts Regarding Watching Movies

You know another great time waster?

Watching movies you love, like, have never heard off, and even those you're barely interested in but just had to watch because you felt sorry for it and you couldn't delete it unless you watched it type of movies.


But seriously though, you wanna waste time, you watch movies. You get sucked into their world whether you like it or not and you come out two hours later either overjoyed because you cannot believe how amazing a movie could be and you just wish so badly that you could have been there in that movie because it was just that good (SHERLOCK HOLMES FTW!!!) or annoyed for wasting your time on such a pathetic excuse for a movie and you cannot believe that people actually like this and then you realize the world has lost it (TWI-FREAKING-LIGHT) or you know just satisfied at least. But the fact remains two hours is gone like a blink of an eye.



Feelings and Thoughts Regarding Watching Old Shows

You know I've been thinking, they really should bring back some old shows that were pretty awesome way back when, and could actually teach people the true meaning of GOOD QUALITY TV.

What with Twi-freaking-light taking over the big screen and turning normal teenagers into lovers of sparkling puff, what we need is a GREAT BIG DOSE of shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Just you know to slap them back to reality. They don't make shows like Buffy anymore.

AND FRIENDS, they should totally bring back FRIENDS.

Yeah that's all I got for this.


Feelings and Thoughts Regarding Reading

If you know me, you know that I love reading.

It's like my favorite hobby of all time. I can sit in one spot for one ENTIRE day, and just read and read and READ MYSELF TO DEATH, but you know I'd ask the Grim Reaper to wait just a wee bit more just so I can finish my book, and THEN HE COULD TAKE ME.

So yeah, I love reading.

So for a long time I've been reading mangas like One Piece, Fairy Tail, Liar Game, Full Metal Alchemist, Faster than a Kiss, Skip Beat and may I just say that reading stuff made by the Japs? REALLY COOL.

I've also just finished the first Camp Half-Blood series by Rick Riordan: Percy Jackson and the Olympians. MAY I JUST SAY WITH ALL CAPITAL LETTERS THAT IT WAS THE BOMB?! I know it's saying a lot but I totally loved those books.

It was like I was rediscovering my love for Greek Mythology all over again, and if you're like me, you'd know that Greek Mythology? Beats any kind of television drama EVER CREATED.

Wish the next series comes soon.


And that is all!

Lotsa love, Jana

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Blogger Seeking Understanding said...

I came home to find that Buffy has been put back on the air...reruns yes but none the less, I was brought to figurative joyful tears...not literal tears of course.

1:50 PM 
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