Saturday, February 12, 2011

Law School, Really?

Click for the bigger the picture and to see my name :)

Here it is.

The proof that I got into a very prestigious law school. In fact it's THE law school of the country. The state university. The University of the Philippines. Out of three thousand students, 218 were chosen and I was one of them. But, weirdly? I still haven't completely accepted it yet.

Not because I don't want to enter the school but because I still can't believe it. Until now, it hasn't sunk in. I can't even get myself excited or even scared for the horror stories because I keep thinking that the next time I check, my name isn't going to be there.

But it's there.

My name is always there every single time I check.

I can't believe I'm going to law school, and I can't believe that I even got accepted at the University of the Philippines. Out of the three thousand students who took the LAE, only 218 were chosen, and I was one of them. Oh I'm sorry, have I said that before? I'm dreadfully sorry, but I still can't get over it, sorry.


Actually, I'm just scared.

I'm freaked out, but I'm also quite excited.

Maybe that's why I still can't get it until now.

Lotsa love, Jana

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Blogger Vasia said...

As time goes by, it will sink in more. I myself could not believe it until after a few days into my studies.

I went to the orientation, I did all that needed to be done, I even entered the campus when classes began, but it still took a few days for it to hit me.

I still pause sometimes, while at school and realize that I'm a student there. It amazes me I made it. Ahaha.

Enjoy the weird and surreal ride and enjoy the moment it hits you. It's really a fascinating few seconds when it does finally happen. :D

Congratulations, love! Be a good lawyer! Someone who helps and protects people. Many of them often forget that's the reason lawyers are supposed to exist for. So you be an excellent defender for those who can't defend their own rights. ^^ A good lawyer is a hero!

7:35 AM 
Blogger Ethlenn said...

Everything will just ease with time, after your first classes, love!
This is really an achievement, but don't be too drunk with happiness. The real life and a real battle just began.

So be tough, you're smart and positive and in no time you will be the best lawyer in the Asia, just as Orion said - with compassion and understanding.

10:23 PM 
Blogger jana said...

@Ate Orion and Ate Ethlenn; thanks for the advices and the words of encouragement. I love you guys to teeny tiny bits :)

10:42 PM 
Blogger Aili said...

I sencond what Ethlenn said! Congrats for getting into the school, and indeed, the real battle will begin now. But I believe that if you just continue the way you have been, you will come far!

In the future, please take of us :P

4:16 PM 
Blogger arakira said...

Congrats again, I am really happy for you!!

I know you're a clever head, so you'll ace that school if you really put your all into it... Just don't pressure yourself to much but don't start slacking either.
As Ori said, keep your ideals and ethics up and don't forget about your own well-being. Cause afterall, that's still the most essential thing^^

6:51 PM 
Blogger arakira said...

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6:52 PM 
Blogger jana said...

@Ate Aili and Ate Ara;

1:15 PM 

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