Sunday, February 26, 2012

Books, Among Other Things

Did I ever tell you that I was on a holiday for a year?

I mean, if you didn't count that somewhat more or less a month stay at the place I will now refer to as THE WORST DECISION I'VE MADE IN MY ENTIRE LIFE AS AN ACADEMIC STUDENT THOUGH NOT AS A PERSON BECAUSE I MET MANY COOL AND AWESOME PEOPLE BUT I REALLY DID NOT LIKE LAW SCHOOL OKAY? And believe me, even I don't count it as actual studying.

I think I've mentioned this once, twice, or even probably a gazillion times before, but I was never one for long vacations. I'm a bum, sure, but I didn't like it. So this was actual torture for me, because even though I looked like I was enjoying it, I mean who wouldn't enjoy no pressure, the sleep-wake-eat-sleep lifestyle, and the non-stop amount of TV I've been having, I really was not.

Every single day I was growing restless.

By the second month, I wanted something to do.

But nothing ever stuck. And so I was forced (yeah, yeah) to bum it out. Like Sherlock, I really didn't know what I should do. BUT UNLIKE SHERLOCK, I didn't hop around like demented bunny but instead slept whenever I can, because that's just how I roll.

And now, well in a week's time, classes will start. I've already received a (LEGAL) copy of my books for the semester. I'm devouring them, as we speak.

Well, maybe not literally, but you get the picture.

And I can't wait. Now, I'm being demented Sherlock bunny, and I regret absolutely nothing. I figure it's the adrenaline rush, and soon enough I will wish for the vacation to start again.

But I've known myself for years now.

I'm always happier when I've got something to do.

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