Sunday, September 17, 2006

Probable two weeks leave of absence...

I probably won't be posting anything for two weeks due to the big-assh-pile-of-work-that-accumulated-my-freaking-table-due-to-the-result-of-hyper-active-teachers-and-coffee-and-the-idea-that-the-only-way-to-enjoy-the-last-two-weeks-before-finals-is-to-give-everyone-a-major-requirement-I'm-totally-blaming-the-coffee.

So I've decided to be late in leaving home and updating my blog and probably risking my life to parasites who are armed to the teeth that populate the Philip of Pines because I chose to travel when it's already night time instead of leaving early.

On a totally different angle of news,

My Grandma who was hospitalized last week is totally alright now. I mean she was struggling at first.

But at least she's out of the hospital now.

Doctor's say she's going to get better.

Now, I have to go and travel back to campus because I have wasted too much time at home. And if I don't update after two weeks, it only means two things.

I'm still piled over with work and my hyper-caffienated-teacher-with-dumb-ideas won't let up.


I've been hideously murdered and probably rotting away in dump pile somewhere in Metro Manila, Philip of Pines.

Lotsa love, Jana

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