Wednesday, December 13, 2006

If your eyes are sensitive, don't look...!

Because I don't have the brain and the motivation to type a smart, deep, inspirational, eye-catching, people-stopping, cruelty-to-animals-type-of-rant, blah-blah-blah-my-brain-is-dead-so-excuse-the-lack-of-smartness-in-this-darn-it.

I've decided to post just a bunch of pictures from the camp I had attended recently,

My mother! Well sort of my mother. She was my room leader last semester and she's such a cute and amazing leader. Miss being her "kid" so very much.

Ma'am Remy, one of my professors last semester and our current batch adviser, and her cute little girl, Hannah. Isn't she adorable?

One of our weird lunch times, were all the foods are mixed and everybody has to use their hands to eat. I smuggled a spoon and fork because I couldn't handle it.

One of the goofball pictures they took. That's Jed Cortez and Jed Aliansas. The two clowns of the batch.

It's Christian's turn and Jed Aliansas.

That's David's foot and still the same little man, Jed Aliansas.

Here. A bigger picture of Jed Aliansas.

And here is David. Not just his foot this time. But this time his the small guy and Christian is the guy holding David on the palm of his hand.

This is during the faith walk, and I think this is when I was supposed to lean back and the people were to catch me. I was blindfolded so I was pretty scared. Like totally scared man! I mean sure I know there were people out there to catch me and stuff...

But darn it, that thing is high!!!

What if they didn't catch me?! What if they missed?! What if I hit my head and brains spill out of my brains and bam! I'm dead?!

All of these thoughts encircled my mind, but heck I decided to go anyway.

And they caught me! That was fun.

Oh poor Zion the Lion. Somebody get him a towel? He seems so cold in this picture.

Mitch taking a little break. Add a cigarette and remove the blindfold and you get the normal filipino on the street.

Alright. Back to me.

Because you know, this blog is all about me.

Not a very flattering picture of me, but heck at least it's still me.

This slide would have been fun, but my shirt went up. So, yeah amidst joyful feelings was the thought,

Oh my gosh my bra is exposed!

Do you see the humiliation I allow myself to go through?

I'm covered in mud, wearing PJ's and have my bum in the air.

Sigh, well at least I live up to my claim of the continual lowering of my IQ. I mean the only reason I would participate in such as this can only mean, my brain is dying, if not already dead.

How about I leave you with pictures that most can be included into greeting cards and inspirational messages and such...?

With God, you can reach the sky?

Roses are red, violets are blue
This flower is yellow,
But that's not you?

Patience is a virtue.
Be like a seed and wait.
Who knows, you might become a tree?

And finally,

"Follow Me and I'll make you fishers of man."

Lotsa love, Jana

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