Friday, February 16, 2007

My Valentine's Day...?

My Valentine's day was spent in the most un-romantic way.

But that doesn't mean I didn't have fun.

I went to Enchanted Kingdom on a school outing and spent most of the day there riding many different rides.

Rialto. It's this cinema-ish place where the seats move so that it seems that where ever the person in the movie you're going there with him/her too. Totally fun because I rarely ever get the chance to go into cinemas and this one had the seats moving too! Too bad it was just a short clip of peril in space.
How many times? One.

Swan Lake. A totally boring ride if you don't have anyone special to ride with. Basically you just paddle around in a small lake going here and there using a small steering stick to turn the swan-boat around. My foot got stuck in the paddle several times because my feet is humongous and therefore so is my shoes.
How many times? One.

Bumper Boat. Kinda like Bumper cars but you're on boat and on water. Fun, except the smell of gasoline gets to you after a while and plus the controls are really hard to handle.
How many times? One.

Anchors Away. A huge giant boat that swings from here to there. It was fun, except every time I rode it I had this strange and weird urge to pee. Especially when it was on it's way down. Totally fun if you're riding on either one of the ends, but if you ride in the middle, it's kinda tame.
How many times? Two.

Wheel of Fate. It was a ferris wheel. It was a beautiful view and the wind was totally blowing up there. I loved it and it would have been a great place for me and the Guy to have spent the day, had he been with me during valentine's day. So I was there with friends... two of which are totally petrified and begged for them to get off. Totally fun.
How many times? Two.

Space Shuttle. The ultimate ride of fear in this theme park. Man, it was like everybody was daring one another to get on it, all the while being secretly afraid of their time to get up there. It's this rollercoaster that goes up and has three loops and then the second phase of it is you ride all of it again backwards. They have this same ride back in Brunei, in Jerudong Park called Boomerang, I think. Space Shuttle is black while Boomerang is red.
How many times? Two.

Log Jam. A get-wet ride. You ride on this carved in log and it's basically travelling up and down a slope. It's simple but totally fun. I refused to scream though even though everyone around me was screaming during the last part where you fall down a high place... Reason? That water is dirty and I'd be damned if I let any of that into my mouth! Plus, if you scream, they get that on camera and you would look stupid. I however would look cute with my mouth closed.
How many times? One.

Rio Grande Rapids. A totally let's get wet ride. You basically sit on this circular thing with seats on them and you get tossed around the rapids. You have no choice but to get wet. I would habe enjoyed it all the more had my right elbow been severely injured by that fall off a motorcycle and therefore still had mini-feelings of pain. Plus... we also kinda got scolded right after the ride ended because a friend of mine decided to stand in the middle of the ride and avoid the water.
How many times? One.

Can't-Remember-The-Name-Probably-Had-Something-To-Do-With-Balloons-Cause-It's-A-Ride-With-Giant-Balloons. It's like you sit inside with big ballons on top and then they kinda turn you around and around while you're sitting there with a couple of other people. It would have been more fun had it been faster. I got a little dizzy cause it was slow and stuff.
How many times? Two.

Carousel. Well... do I really have to explain what this ride is all about? For the purpose of riding all rides except those which I'm not allowed to ride in due to the fact that I'm too old, I decided heck why not ride this one too? I kinda liked this Carousel because it felt kinda like the horse was really galloping. Maybe it was just my imagination. But it was fun.
How many times? Two.

Flying Fiesta. For me, the best ride in all of Enchanted Kingdom! Totally amazing ride. I mean honestly, it was so so cool! You get to sit on something that's exactly like a swing that's suspended by a long chain. The ride starts and you're suspended on the string as they turned you around. I think I'm addicted to that ride.
How many times? Eight.

And basically, that's my itinerary of what happened in Enchanted.

I had a blast.

Would have been more fun though, had the Guy been around. Not only would be fun it would also be extremely romantic.

Lotsa love, Jana



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