Saturday, July 21, 2007

Soap suds...

Dear Kuya,

I miss you already.

Last Saturday I was punished.

Our school has this reward and punishment deal going on with the students. The law-making-faculty decide the rules and what the rewards and punishments are for each student who perform certain tasks and certain behaviors. It's really basic.

Do good = No hour-work
Do bad = Many hour-work

What is an hour work?

An hour work is a period (usually an hour) given to the bad students to finish a certain punishment given by an upperclassmen who is a monitor and therefore holds more power than you. This usually involves cleaning or whatever the monitor feels like making you do. You may include flattering here and there if you want your hour-work to be like thirty-minutes-work.

Last Saturday I was punished with an hour-work, because I had been a bad student and didn't pass this parental consent on time. It's not that I wanted to actually go against the rules and defy the law and people up there, it's just that I forgot. You know with the whole lack of brain matter and ever decreasing IQ level. It is just so hard to remember things like parental consent when all you're thinking about is spending as much time with Kuya as possible.

So there I was cleaning and cleaning and cleaning when I realized that I was not alone in a my punishment. It turns out Kuya was also doing his own hour work. Which just goes to show that we are so totally meant for each other. I mean hello? Same punishment for the same crime. We are so surfing on the wavelength-yahoo!

I never thought I'd find a guy holding mop cute.

Lotsa love, Jana

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