Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Un-crammed with nothing but you...

Dear Kuya,

After the chapel time ended, I nearly ran out of the door, not out of impatience for the chapel to be over but out of the fact that I have an exam in less than an hour and I haven't studied a single thing about it yet.

I ran to the canteen, ordered the food, grabbed a table and ate everything all at the very speed of light itself and maybe even faster.

I went back to the chapel and then I saw you.

Now usually, I'm pretty much a level-headed person. I know what I should do and I usually do do it. Common sense told me I should study for the exam in less than an hour that I haven't studied for (which is actually is a sentence of total contradiction because common sense screams that studying for an exam in less than an hour of its occurrence would be very wrong).

But the minute I saw you and I realized that I haven't seen you the whole day. Well let's just say that all my plans of studying my subject of exam quickly turned into studying how you studied whatever class you had next.

You looked absolutely adorable with your bended head and your focused eyes and stretching arms and every little thing that you would do when studying which I managed to cram into my head five seconds after you finished whatever action you just did.

Then the bell rang which indicated that class is about to start and I haven't crammed anything into my brain that had to to with my exam and I really could not write "Kuya stretches every 15 minutes or so when studying" in any question that will possibly appear in the exam.

Panic enveloped me, but then you gave me a smile and I realized, ah what the heck? Who really cares?

So I went into the class with my un-crammed brain and took the exam. Which you know luckily enough, I did pretty well. So see, I did well in the exam and I even got memorize how you looked when studying.

I am a total genius.

Lotsa love, Jana

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Blogger AceOne118 said...

Have a nice day! hehehe

4:03 PM 
Blogger jana said...

haha thanks...

9:11 AM 

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