Saturday, November 24, 2007

Best ever... ever.

March 10.

The fact that you remembered the date of our (sort of) anniversary, just totally means you are the best significant other ever created for a twisted human girl ever ever (ever bolded, repeated and pointed out for further emphasis so that people would get the fact that you are the best significant other, ever).

We were talking casually very recently, and I casually mentioned the casual fact that I happen to casually forget a whole lot of casual things, especially (and casually) dates like birthdays and (very casually dropping in) anniversaries. Then I started to not so casually, but very quickly and guiltily reasoned out that it was because I was operated on twice and was under general anesthesia both times, resulting in brain damage and therefore I forget things easily. Which was a complete lie I made up as an excuse to cover up my lack on being a girlfriend. Plus my brain has the ability to die on its own without the need of any outside help, anesthesia or otherwise.

But instead of exposing my lie for what it is (and I know you know that I know you know that it was a lie, but thanks for pretending you didn't anyway), you say that you think you remember our (sort of) anniversary and you say "March 10" so without effort, like you just picked it up from your brain just like that and like you didn't even think that long.

And then it all came back to me and I realized you were right, because on March 12, 2007 I was writing about how its the birthday of one of my ex-crushes back in high-school and how I used to stalk said crush and how I can't believe that I got a (sort of) proposal two days ago. I wish my memory isn't so selective, selecting only whatever the heck it wants.


The fact that you remember our anniversary without me having to dig deep and having to remind you and that you remembered it all on your own, just totally means that you are the best boyfriend ever. You're both kooky enough to understand my eccentricities and mature enough to deal with them.

An attempt to scare me

I issh loving you very bigness.

Lotsa love, Jana

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