Friday, November 16, 2007

Bum still hurts...

Life has been ridiculous lately.

I don't know whether I want laugh at how funny this would so be on a sitcom when the lead girl falls on her butt and everyone sees and this happened three times in one day, or be embarrassed because this is my life we're talking about and these funny things are happening to me.

Yep that's me falling on my friends lunch and totally getting food all over me. And yeah that's me falling on my bum outside in the rain after I washed my hands after I got depressed and ate two plates of dinner. Oh yeah, that is so me slipping and landing hard on my bum while trying to deliver a punchline to my roommates; I don't know what hurts more, my bum cause this was like the third time today or my pride because my roommates never really laughed as much whenever I deliver my 'funny' jokes than when I fall and hurt myself. Also looking stupid.

In other news, it seems that my professor somewhat came across my blog and read the part about me not having a life and decided that dude if you have a life to blog, then you so have a life to be the first to report next week and know what else, I need your outline in three days and I want a verbatim manuscript too, ya hear? because that's like the most rational-est explanation I can come up with.

Also I miss Kuya because due to the whole busy-ness of school life, I only get to see him when we both get out for a breath of fresh air every two minutes per day.

Ah, pooh.

Lotsa love, Jana


Laptop plug thang is fixed now. Oh joy!

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Blogger shock said...

Beh, well your professor is kinda right since you DO have something to blog, and (well, least you have people read yours) Believe me, people don't find me funny at all. I cant even squeak out a smile from people. I usually get eyes rolledat me. :| -shock

2:45 AM 

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