Tuesday, December 18, 2007

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Am sick.

Of all the things I hate, being sick is definitely pushing itself at the top of the list. Currently I have a cold, a sore throat and somewhat of a fever. My nose is blocked, my throat is itchy and my brain is burning. I also look like someone hit me with a truck and decided that hitting me wasn't painful enough, he drove over me several times until my insides now qualify as outsides. Hope I get better soon enough and that I would feel spanking new by Christmas Banquet on Friday this week.

In other news, am flying in less than a couple of days back to the country of my growing up. Feeling a mixture of both excitement and a whole lot of fear. I don't remember feeling this much fear the last time I traveled back to Brunei, about a year ago. So why am I gripped with fear, hoping that if I imagine and click my glass sandals hard enough, I'd open my eyes and back in Brunei, I already am. Makes seeing my family on a daily basis so much easier.

By the way, ten days straight without Turtle has prompted me to buy a stuffed turtle (with Turtle's money) and I have named him Turtle Da Segundo so that I would have something to hug while traveling on the different vehicles designed to separate Turtle and yours truly. My heart is torn as I am definitely really happy that I'm going to see my family after more or less than six months that I have not seen them, but being separated from significant other compels me to release some sort of vulgarity, but I'll control myself and just say that being without Turtle is such a pain in the heart. Turtle Da Segundo is most likely going to suffocate because I'm going to hug him tight enough to compensate for the distance.

Other than that, am still sick.

Lotsa love, Jana

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