Monday, December 03, 2007

Girl guy girl...

1.15 pm

And I'm sitting in an empty (not really cause there's some other student leeching of the WiFi at school, but we're not really paying that much attention to each other so it might as well be empty) room and I'm currently contemplating on the lecture in Human Growth and Development that we had a few hours ago. It was an interesting lecture to say the least.

I do however feel somewhat wronged by life and justice in general because I was born a girl. Sure there are benefits to being a girl, like I'd rather be the Turtle's girlfriend than his boyfriend, but there are a lot of drawbacks, like having maternal instincts and also the chance of death while giving birth which makes life so very confusing, like bleeding every month until you're menopause and you're too old to enjoy life, like having to fix a whole lot of things compared to guys, who are still socially accepted even if they just put on a shirt and brush their hair once before leaving their residence.

I wonder what its like to be guy a whole lot and sometimes I am somewhat jealous because there are somethings that I want to do and people look at me all weird every time I express or actually do it, all because of the all encompassing, overpowering fact that yes I can see that I, Jana, was born a girl.

Turtle pointed out that if I weren't a girl, who then is going to be his girl? Who then would be called Turtle's girl? Does Turtle then need to call I Turtle's man? Don't mess with Turtle's mind please! Turtle can't stand it! Turtle loves I.

Ah sweet Turtle love makes this whole girl thing somewhat tolerable and may even be enjoyable every now and then.

Lotsa love, Jana

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