Saturday, December 01, 2007

Lovable Turtle...

Current Brain Nugget: Hear ye, hear ye! New nickname for significant other; Turtle!

Being one of the section heads of the school's annual yearbook, Vision, there are a lot advantages and disadvantages, the latter of which I have been experiencing a whole lot recently. I enjoy writing and dragging my brain through the process of thinking really hard so that I could come up with articles to publish under my section. I do. Really. It's the meetings that really somewhat get on my nerves, as I'm also the secretary for this year's yearbook. Until Vision, the only minutes I knew were the ones on a clock.

Though, as mentioned earlier, there are benefits, among which are that I get to see certain materials that not a lot of people see. I saw the hard copy of my significant other's picture just as he first entered the College and he looked really weird then, but who never ever looked bad in a school picture anyway? Anyway, he reminded me of a turtle and I proceeded to send him a text message declaring that "you, my significant other, look like a turtle during your first year picture". A few minutes later, I received a text message from said significant other, declaring that "I know, but its ok. I'm a lovable turtle, in love with you". I proceeded to text him back and say "you're a lovable, albeit cheesy and corny, turtle, yes you are".

A lot of mushiness and corny-ness and cheesy-ness later, the nickname Turtle has been established and approved by the Court of Nicknames found in my head.

In other news, I've been avoiding this certain topic for a lot of reasons, but I'll be spending my Christmas holidays back in Brunei. I have missed my family and my friends, but I'm somewhat scared at my return and especially the fact that my perception of home will be further shattered when I realize that I no longer fit in in the country that I grew up in.

Also, will miss the Turtle.

Lotsa love, Jana

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