Friday, January 11, 2008

Referring to last blog entry...

Nothing has happened since.

My laptop is still broken and I'm still here in the Philip of Pines, except now I refer to the Philip of Pines with a little more tenderness and a little more loving.

But somehow I have a feeling something is going to happen. Like how the air feels all charged and static-like before rain falls? Yeah, the days around me are feeling charged up and static-like. Now to be fair the days to come are somewhat eventful. The Turtle's birthday is coming where is he officially turn 26 (Babeh, you're so old nyahahaha). Midterms are next week (I don't feel it and I think I'm going to die next week because I haven't prepared at all for it yet). My birthday is in less than two weeks (One more year and I graduate teendom and be counted as a twenteen).

So with those events, I kinda feel sorry for the days stuck in between. It's like their forced to be squashed in between the big shows and everyone just wants all of them to be done and over with so that come on baby, here comes the really important dates. Like, everyone couldn't care less were they to disappear into oblivion, just as long as they're done already.

Well, this entry was made so that I could pass another hour faster and quicker, so that this day would be over soon.

I've got to go because there's another class going to be held in the computer center and I also have to pee anyway.

So I'm going to go now.

Both physically and... well, physically.

Lotsa love, Jana

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