Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Yeesh for the third...

Dear you again,

This is like the third time I had to make you the topic of my blog entry. I mean you can be so frustrating that once I went through this whole thing where I explained just how much you frustrated me word for word.

Now I really don't understand why you have to act like this all the freaking time. Is it because you secretly hate me and actually just want to piss me off every single time we have a conversation? Is it because you want me to die at an early age because the veins in my brain exploded because of thinking too much unhealthy thoughts about you because for the nth time this day you have succeeded to piss me off? Is it because you have the tendency to make me say because more than twice in one sentence? Or is it because you are an inconsiderate selfish jerk-off who only thinks of himself?

I'm really really leaning toward the last.

I do not care about your fight with her and I feel somewhat insulted by the fact that you would think me shallow enough to start avoiding you because of that. I am so tired of explaining myself to you and you know what?

The reason why she won't talk to you anymore is probably the same reason why I am this close, like a strand of hair close, to jumping of a bridge if it means never having to deal with your pouting and your drama.

You are not my boyfriend so stop acting like you could demand for my time and presence and pout whenever you want when I can't give it. I mean even the Turtle doesn't do that to me, what the heck makes you think that you can?

To top it all off, I just found out that Heath Ledger is is dead so you know, I'm not really a happy person right now.

Lotsa (grrr not) love, Jana



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't know wanting to talk once in a month was considered demanding.

So what? Boo hoo. people die all the time. It's not like it was a family member.

5:20 PM 
Blogger jana said...

it is when you live in different continents and have more than 6 hour of time difference between you.

doesn't have to be family for death to be tragic.

1:43 PM 

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