Friday, February 08, 2008

A happy life...

Dear Life,

I have been quite unfair to you, haven't I? In the blogging area at least. I'm so quick to hate you whenever something really bad happens to me and words like I hate life are so quick to spill out of my lips and yet whenever you decide to be good to me, I can't seem to even gurgle out an ungrateful thank you.

Well, maybe it's about time I thank you for all that you have decided to let me experience. And so I shall do that very thing in the very next sentence, paragraph, right after this dot.

Thank you for a great family, who loves and understands me in spite, despite and without spite of everything I do. A great family who treats me like a friend and gives me a whole lot of hugs whenever I need it. A family who is always there, even though they are countries away from me. A family who knows when to give support and when to be cruel out of kindness.

Thank you for a great bunch of friends, who are both funny and serious, goofy and mysterious, loud and quiet. Friends who need me and friends that is needed by me. Friends who know when to talk and when to keep quiet. Friends who finally accept me for who I am and what I can be. Friends who hail from different countries and yet still find it easy to give the best advice.

Thank you for a great college and the things that I have experienced in this place I have come to love as my second home. A college disciplined enough to take care of me and to provide adequate training for my chosen profession. A college that has the best subjects and the best teachers to match them.

Thank you for the Turtle. A guy who loves me in spite, despite and without spite of everything that I am, from the childish spoiled attitude to the bitchy and crazy stunts that I pull. A guy who sees not only sees the worst in me but helps me strengthen my weakness. A guy who isn't sweet on purpose but is still sweet anyway.

Thanks life for the experiences and the joys, and maybe even thanks for the tears. For as some smart person has said a long long time ago, it is impossible to appreciate a beautiful bright shining day without experiencing some harsh cold rain. Or you know vice versa if you're the vampire type who doesn't like going out in the sun, whatever.

Life, I'll try not to hate you as much anymore.

Lotsa love, Jana

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Blogger shock said...

Mmm... Pretty sure i don't fit in there. :\ That sucks...

4:04 PM 
Blogger jana said...

that's probably not true. haha

9:15 AM 
Blogger shock said...

I didn't see "bipolar former best friend who occasionally helps me out but other than that just annoys me near the brink of insanity" Hmm... Maybe since it's a "thank you" post what i said should be self explanatory as to why you didn't say it...

10:09 AM 

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