Friday, April 18, 2008


Yesterday the Turtle called me and we had a 15 minute conversation because even during the holidays, life has not ceased to be unfair and made me busy at the campus, but you know considering I've been waiting for this vacation to end then I would have something to do, which just proves once again that life is unfair because it gives you what you asked for but it makes you feel sucky anyway. Or it could me that I'm an ungrateful brat but you know I really would prefer the previous one


So yesterday he called me and out of the blue I asked him when does he plan to get married anyway and he got really silent and I thought Oh Emm Gee I totally freaked him out and he is going to go all why are you thinking of that now? I'm too young for the ball and chain! No you won't suck my youth and eat it you praying mantis. Noooooo! like some commitment-phobe person.

"When I can support my wife financially and our future kids because even though I want to start spending the rest of my life with you as soon as possible I don't want you or our future kids to starve."




"That is if you'll decide to actually marry me in the foreseeable future."

"What if I tell you I actually plan to further my studies and work some more before I decide to really settle down and have a family?"

"I'll wait."

"No matter how long?"

"Let's just say I'm willing to wait until my hopefully future bride-to-be is ready. I'm just hoping that I'll be married by the time I'm 40, but you know that's just me."




"I want four kids."

"I can't feed that many. One."


"Fine, two?"

"Three and that's my final offer."

"Fine, but let's see if you feel that way after giving birth to your first kid. I mean I'm no expert, but they say that that is extremely painful."

"Um... two?"

Lotsa love, Jana

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