Saturday, June 07, 2008

For the love of an idiot...

Dear Kuya,

I finally got you acting like an immature individual who just wants to have fun, even at the expense of his pride and dignity all for the sake of experience. In other words, you were just like me for at least an hour.

I really enjoyed playing basketball with you at the arcade and the hitting-popping up game thing. But most of all, you finally gave in and rode with me one of those just for kids rides that never really go anywhere because all it does is swing you back and forth and play really very child-like tunes as you swing back and forth. I've always wanted to try it but ever since I met you, you make sure I don't do things that would embarrass me and make me look stupid because you just so love me.

Behold my success!

Yes your smile looks a little forced because, hello your girlfriend really did look like an idiot with her messed up hair and her really happy smile because finally you listened to her crazy little whim of riding that stupid ride and then you realize oh emm gee they are taking a picture of this and now the whole world will know that your girlfriend is an idiot who likes to drag other people down with her.

But I do thank you for being a real sport with me.

Except I kinda had this feeling that you were kind of having fun kicking my arse at basketball because I couldn't make any shots while you were throwing and shooting the ball with ease, so you know, we're so even dude!

But all joking-ness aside, I do thank you for being with me again and for making me realize that you are so the one for me because you're so willing to tolerate my idiocies and crazy antics and that just totally makes you the best significant other ever.

Oh how sweet it is to be loved by you.

Lotsa love, Jana

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