Saturday, January 03, 2009

The Second Day

After spending the first morning of the year two-oh-oh-nine sleeping in, and the first rest of the day of the year two-oh-oh-nine sitting in front of the computer watching dramas, I decided that I ought to stop being a lazy bum-bum and therefore I spent only the morning of the second day of the year two-oh-oh-nine sleeping and then I spent the rest of the day accompanying the Turtle to the dentist.

It took around an hour before we were finally entertained by the dentist. Personally, I thought the dentist was funny, but a tad too talkative. In fact if I wasn't in the same room with the Turtle, I'm sure that the dentist would have chatted with the Turtle as the drilling process was happening. Which just goes to show that I made the right decision of being there inside while the dentist did his thing because if I wasn't, there's a big chance my boyfriend would have a hole-y tongue.

At first I was there to take pictures because I wanted to tease him about it, but after it was already the time to take out the tooth, my hands were suddenly too busy holding his hands. And that tooth was a bloody stubborn one, and I mean that literally because I could see the blood and stuff, also because it was so hard to take out, the dentist had to hammer it a lot. The Turtle didn't say anything but I could feel his hand tighten around mine after every hit, so I knew it hurt.

He was so weak after it but still he didn't say anything. Poor baby. Look at him. He can barely even smile for me because it was so painful. I hated seeing him so weak because I'm so used to him being my strong rock.

My strong and funny rock.

Get better soon ok? I love you, baby.

Lotsa love, Jana

Disclaimer: All pictures posted here are done so with the permission of the Turtle because he knows his girlfriend loves him even though she seems to acts in certain ways that ought to embarass a normal human being. The Turtle claims to love the Crazy Girl just the same anyway.

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