Saturday, February 28, 2009

Of Pain

Whatever possessed me to think that I would be alright leaving the dorm at 6 pm, to travel for four hours from the dorm to the house, and arriving at 10 pm? The whole time I kept thinking that I was probably gonna get mugged, killed or worse raped because some idiot was too drunk to realize that that option should not be made available to me.

But since here I am blogging this can only mean that I made it home in one piece. Yay for me!


Why is it when you love someone you can't seem to express how much they hurt you in front of other people? It's hard to say the words that seem easy to say about someone else. Even though the wound is deep and the pain is excruciating.

Maybe it's because you love the person too much and you don't want other people to misconstrue your words of pain and in the end think bad of the one you love. Maybe you just can't admit the fact that sometimes, the best people in the world are still human and they still make mistakes after all.

Maybe that's why I keep silent about the fights and the tears. The words that pack a punch and the knife-like stares so casually thrown around by both parties.

You're the best thing that appeared in my life and being in pain with you makes no difference to me. Regardless of the fights and tears, you're still the best significant other on this planet.

I love you.


Lotsa love, Jana

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