Thursday, March 19, 2009

Why I Want to Go to Taiwan

I've been watching a lot of Taiwanese Drama lately, to pass the summer vacation time. And may I just exaggerate, I am so totally enjoying and am now on the verge of begging anyone to teach me Taiwanese, somebody kidnap me, I want to go to Taiwan. I've already finished watching Fated to Love You twice and have immensely enjoyed it, and now I'm giving Hot Shot a shot, and so far it's pretty good and funny. Reminds me of my Slam Dunk addiction days.

Though it's mostly fun and games, there has been some serious pensive thoughts that came about while watching these shows. It just goes to show that TV does not, according to those boring adults, rot your mind, because it even gives you valuable lessons about yourself. [Insert childish dance with nyeh-nyeh-ness].

Fated to Love You is definitely one of my most favorite dramas of all time. It definitely deserves the title as one of the highest rating drama in Taiwan. It does have a serious tune to it, so I'm sure those who demand reality to be mixed with a fiction show should like it too. Also it is the first drama that has made me cry which did not result into me swearing to never watch it again because I have a habit of choosing never to watch tear-jerkers more than once.

But I've already watched this show twice and I wouldn't mind watching it again. Why? Because it is one darn heck of a funny show. All the characters are amazing and they have their own touch of comedy in them!

Especially Ji Cun Xi, played by Ethan. He is my most favorite leading man of all time. He is funny and amazing, and generous and totally cute. And I think Chen Xin Yi made no mistake of choosing him over Dylan because Cun Xi is the best! [Insert fangirl squeals].

Apologies to those who did not understand the previous paragraph, but really it's all your fault for not watching the greatness such as contained in Fated to Love You.

As for Hot Shot, so far it's funny and I already have my favorite leading man from this series as well: Da Ying, played by Show Lo.

From the very first look, you can see that he is one stand-up funny guy. And watching the show and his antics has already made me fall madly in love with Da Ying.

Now before I lose myself in my fangirl crazy mode, which is a totally different form of crazy than the usual abnormal Jana crazy, there is a point to all of these plugging. I have realized that having laughter in a relationship is important.

Woah! Were you shocked by that revelation?

What I'm trying to say is, I am so thankful to have the Turtle because he is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I'm glad that only he can me make me laugh like no other. And that he is the best leading man that the Crazy could ever ask for, even when she's in crazy fangirl mode.

Bet you didn't see that one coming!

Lotsa love, Jana

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