Thursday, April 09, 2009

Summer Sleep

After spending the past two weeks staying up into the wee hours of the morning and sleeping for only four hours because I have work and class the next day, my body brutally forced itself to sleep, to make up for the torture it's been through because of me, and therefore I had slept for thirteen hours, something that I was not used to and in fact it gave me a whopper of a headache, like I was drunk all of last night and now I'm having a hangover, something which is impossible because I have never, never, been drunk my entire life.

And that was a long sentence.

Why have I been staying up for these past two weeks?

It may be because of my summer class, considering it's supposedly a four month class crammed in a nutshell and forced to be taken in three weeks. Anyone can be sufficiently stressed over that, including yours truly, and that could be the reason why I haven't slept properly for two weeks. Except I haven't been really studying at all either, cause it's a sort of subject that is easily done without spending hours and hours on understanding it.

It could be more likely because I've spent those nights either watching some Korean, Taiwanese, Japanese drama, that has almost the same plot but the guys are hot so I still watch them anyway; or reading some other romantic comedy that I borrowed-slash-bought recently. I, being a hopeless romantic, could not help but devour scene by scene, page by page. Tee Hee.

Another reason might be the fact that most of the nights, I've been waiting for the Turtle to call and text me. He's been staying up late most of the time too, so we text and sometimes he would call me, and sometimes we'd do it for hours.

Reasons why I've been staying up are all really bollocks (except maybe the one about the Turtle, he is always an important excuse to torture myself), it's no wonder why my body hates me.

In other news, man is today hot or what?

Lotsa love, Jana

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Anonymous eunni said...

how does it feel getting drunk? why did you drink? lol. anyway, my body hates me today too. ive been eating too much. heeh.

11:29 PM 
Blogger jana said...

hahaha i wish i was actually able to drink, but i've never touched alcohol my entier life... except for that champagne i ONCE drunk during a new year's party. hahahaha. i've never been drunk my entire life. wahahaha

4:47 PM 

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