Saturday, June 06, 2009

Hopes Dashed

Curses, my joy has been foiled!

Apparently classes have been postponed. The nerd in me so sad because I'm really looking forward to the start of classes. In fact the nerd is so sad, she's strangling the lazy bum in me who just wants to stay at home and play with Jeebaby on Pet Society, hugging anyone for a couple of coins so as to have enough money to decorate Jeebaby's house.

Crazy-weirdo-person-thoughts aside, I really am looking forward to classes. I've had enough of this vacation and I really want to buckle down, grab some pens, take some notes, and actually fill my mind with mind-numbing thoughts of work and ideas and all that hooplah.

Also I really miss being a student with the Turtle. I miss seeing him from across the room. I miss bumping into him at the canteen. I miss sitting inside the kiosk and him waving at me from his room. I miss sharing notes with him. I just miss being able to see him on a daily basis.


Lotsa love, Jana

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