Monday, December 07, 2009

The New Top Ten

A numbered list of my thoughts for the past moments of my life, because I find no other way to express such thoughts in an orderly manner due to the fact that they are neither orderly or well-mannered; they are rude thoughts, and by rude I do not mean rude in content but I mean rudely messy running over without pattern and just jumping all kinds of lines, those rude lines of thoughts.

Ahem, so anyway:

  1. I am sick and tired of having to wake up every morning with sniffles. What is up with that? Am I fundamentally sick, every single morning, and if I am, why?
  2. I am late in almost all of my personal deadlines, and I'm somewhat too lazy to do anything about it
  3. I do not know what to do with my novel and it's just sitting there, as a saved file in my laptop, unedited.
  4. I've decided to try the no-rice diet for a week, see how that works for me.
  5. Though, at the moment, I'm hungry and craving for some rice.
  6. I have just discovered The Big Bang Theory and literally after a few minutes into the show, I already love Sheldon. Planning on checking out How I Met Your Mother, for others are saying that it is just as girmazing.
  7. Your good-byes are useless because there's nothing good about your byes.
  8. I ate about three orders of Takoyaki in one day because of the craving I had for the Takoyaki I had in Brunei. Bruneian Takoyaki wins over Filipino Takoyaki, hands and pants down.
  9. Me and the Turtle have started sharing a journal, where we both write in it. Hope that this would be a lasting activity that we can share. Shall update after a week.
  10. Still craving for some rice.
  11. Should have eaten a heavier lunch, like maybe something with seafood and noodles or whatever.
  12. I am also currently in love with Shawn Spencer of the show Psych.
  13. That is it, I am going to go and grab me some noodles or whatever.
  14. I hate the number 13, I do not know why.
And remember: top fourteen is the new top ten.

Lotsa love, Jana

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