Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Day Before Christmas

Things I did on the day before Christmas:

1. Waited for about an hour outside a mall for my late date (tsk, tsk, it's alright baby, I forgive you already) to show up. It gave me time to snap some pictures while waiting.

Also it gave me time to write in our journal, which we decide about a couple of weeks ago to own and to write in alternately so that I won't miss him as much, and he'll some way of telling me that I'm being crazy without me blowing up at him for calling me crazy, even though at that moment in time, I really was, you know, crazy. It works: I read it when I miss him, and he no longer loses his voice due to continually pacifying me.

2. Date, date, date, date! We just walked around the mall the whole time, ate some cheap food so that we both could afford the gift that we would be buying for each other on that day as our Christmas gift!

I bought him this Converse T-Shirt because I remember whenever we went to a mall or a department store somewhere, he would make a bee-line to the place where they had the shoes and he would stare longingly at a bunch of Converse shoes, and I knew that he always wanted one of those. So I thought that maybe this Christmas I could get him one. Unfortunately, I realized that I had not saved enough because I sincerely thought that I would be able to afford it with my measly 1 thousand pesos. To my sincere shock, it was 2 thousand plus pesos. So in an effort to be funny, and still buy him something converse-y I bought him this:

He on the other hand bought me the best handbag in the entire world, partly because he's the best significant other in the entire world, and partly because th bag is so soft and cuddly and I think this is the first time I ever fell in love with a pretty bag.

3. Then we (me, my brother, and two others) went to a professor of mine's house to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning with them. We ate some heavy food and spent time with their kids, who are so adorable, like seriously seriously adorable.

4. And now I'm sitting here blogging all about it, and waiting for Christmas to come so that I can text my parents how much I miss them and how I wish I was spending Christmas with them. I want to reassure them that, yeah me and my brother are doing okay here in the Philip of Pines. It's not so bad, and that they shouldn't worry about us. I miss them with all my heart and my Christmas Wish this year is that they would have the best of time, and that even though we're far away, we'll still actually be more together than any other family in the world. I'll love you, Mom, Dad.

Lotsa love, Jana

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