Monday, July 26, 2010

I Emerge!

And just like that, here I am, on the other side.

I woke up feeling less pessimistic about life and more than expectant of spending my free time, or whatever that short span of time that the college decides to allow me to have as my own, watching new stuff that I've downloaded. Especially since I've found, to my heart's utter delight a complete collection of this:


Ah, that brings back such fond memories of waiting for it's release every week at a near CD store, the hours spent with my best friend, Jam, and my brother watching it, and who couldn't remember all of those notebooks filled with the latest installation of the fanfics by yours truly in preparation to be typed and uploaded in a fanfic forum (and may I just say back then, I was one of the most active and most read fanfic writers in the place? Humble, I am not, for I was really proud of that work)? Great and fond memories. Of course who could ever forget my obsession for this guy:


I remember printing pictures of him and "laminating" it with plastic notebook covers and an excessive use of tape. I was young and stupid, and I kept those pictures in my wallet for such a long time. He was always easier to like than real actors because you don't have to read about them falling apart because of whatever is going on in their real life. Hahahah, ah fun, fun, fun times. It made life as a high school student not so tedious.

It totally made my day, knowing that I finally have the complete ULTIMATE collection of this story to watch. It makes these dreary days less dreary.

Plus, Sha Gojyo, now that man is allowed to have long hair.

Lotsa love, Jana

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Anonymous Jammbbooo said...


8:27 PM 
Blogger jana said...

You know that's right! WHEEEE!

3:26 PM 
Blogger mibearakira said...

Jana, you cute little thing =)

I used to love this anime!! Should go and rewatch it, too.

Hope you're fine again, luv!!^^

12:17 AM 
Blogger jana said...


Awww, isn't it amazing? Hahahaha. Who is your favorite??? Hehehe

8:52 AM 
Blogger mibearakira said...

Same as yours, but in the manga it was songoku =)

9:16 PM 
Blogger jana said...

Awww, they have a manga? AWWWW, I don't think I'll ever be able to get a copy of that here in the Philippines. But Songoku is totally funny too. Hahah, I love all of them. They're such funny funny people :)

9:40 PM 

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