Thursday, August 03, 2006

Seconds that I like...

Well today is the second to last day of my exams week.

You know the feeling? Where it's not the end but it's so close to the end that you couldn't even care less about the last subject because it is so almost over?

What does a normal student (in other words, lazy bums who think that school would be so much more fun without the teachers and subjects; therefore creating a never ending recess period, ie me.) do during these times?

With her back against the bed, she would most likely just lie around; opening her books every now and then. She would actually read a few lines before letting her natural instinct take over and fall asleep faster than anyone can say...

"Oh my gosh my exams are so (almost) over and I can't wait for it to be over so I can rest from all this thinking. In fact maybe I should get some rest because [Insert supposedly easy last subject] is sooo easy, I can just skim through it...ZZZ"

Ah, the second-to-the-last-day of exam.

It's like Thursday. The second-to-the-last-day-of-the-week. I mean it's not the last day of the week so you can't enjoy your freedom just yet, but you can almost taste your freedom because the last day of the school week is just a few hours and soon, (soon!) soon after that classes will be over and the joyous weekend is oh-so-near-you-can-taste-it-near-ness.

Now imagine that.

Then multiply it by ten.

That's how the feeling second-to-the-last-day-of-exams are like.

Now I should go back and open my book at least just once and skim through it. I mean just because Intro to Music (so not an easy subject though it's not because of the Lady In Pink) is the only one left.

At least I don't have to try to sound like a chicken this time.

Lotsa love, Jana

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