Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Death of a donut...

And here I am again.

School is deadening my brain and that is the only excuse I can give you for the lack of entries that has been happening so far.

I can't think of anything to talk about.

Should I talk about the great big fight I had with The Used to Be (he's the guy who I was talking about here and the guy who crushed my heart over here.)

It ended in a not so pretty... ending.

Let's just say I told him to go screw whatever he wants to screw because I couldn't care less about him anymore.

He left me and that's it. I am not coming back.

Or maybe I should talk about a certain thing that has happened at campus?

Rumor has been going around that, well someone is smitten with my charms.

A rumor that I have continued to ignore and to scoff at. I mean, it's something so greatly unbelievable you know.

But, interestingly, if it were real, I would be sincerely flattered and all, but I have the Guy. So it would never have worked out anyway.

But nonetheless, somebody has a crush on me!

(A rumor, but still.)

How about the fact that I vomitted last night?

My nurse-friend thinks it's because I didn't eat a scrap of food for most of the day yesterday and somehow eating a heavy dinner played havoc with my stomach.

Vomitting happened.

Serious amount of vomitting.

Now, I wouldn't really be complaining about that, if it hadn't happened at 3 in the morning and definitely not on my bed either.

How about, telling you all how I spent my day today?

I spent most of my free time cleaning up after my vomitting-excapade.

Washed clothes, washed bed sheets, washed bed.

I entertained a thought for a minute of jumping out of the window and ending my pathetic life.

But then I thought of the newspaper headlines.

Student jumped. Vommit left on bed. DNA connects it to student.

How pathetic is that? If I'm ever gonna kill myself, I might as well make it more of daring death thing right? Something that would make detectives wonder whether it was suicide or not.

Student found dead in an open fire.

Student freezed in a refrigerator. Thawing useless.

Student dead in a donut shop. A hole like a donut right through her.

Can you imagine the forensic science people who would go over all of the clues on my death, leading them to one truth found on a note that says "I killed myself you but I bet you thought I didn't huh?"

Now that's an interesting death that will get people talking for centuries.

I also entertained the thought of throwing every vomitted article away, but decided against that as well.

Just because I'm a lazy bum doesn't mean I'm a wasteful lazy bum.

I'm only wasteful when I feel truly lazy.

Lotsa love, Jana

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