Thursday, November 22, 2007

Drama drama drama...


My face is turning into a permanent frown. The muscles on my back have turned into molded mountains for being so stressed this past week. My eyes have turned into drooping thangs for being such a droop for far too long. All because of the drama that is going on in this campus. Also my right big toe hurts because I hit it on one of the steps on the stairs but really that has nothing to do with the drama but everything to do with the fact that my brain dies a little every millisecond.


Enough is enough. I'm like just so tired of all this drama, every where I go questions pop up and darn it, friendship problem is something I am so not used to. I'm used to being stressed over school (sometime there are just waaaay too many quizzes, exams, requirements, reports and it seems like I'm writing/typing a paper every other hour) and certain love issues (like the fact that I can't remember anniversaries).Not stuff like old friendship being sacrificed for new ones, hypocrisy, cat fights and the like. Why can't everybody just be friends and smile and be all good and stuff? Also, my advice reserve is just about dry and empty and I seriously need to read some pocket books and watch movies on friendship/relationship so that the next time someone asks me for advice I wouldn't give lines so used that it deserves to be quotations on some old book of love and friendship.


Girls, the reason why I'm all alone loner weirdo freak is because I don't like and want to get into dramas of friendship and stuff similar to that. Not because I want to be caught in the middle when bomb is thrown in the middle of battlefield and I walk (limp, crawl, whatever) away with limbs all in disarray, feeling like the weight of this problem is on my shoulders because I spent too much time looking for a place to hide

In other news, requirements are still piling and Kuya just walked in a minute ago, said he loves me then returned to his class. Life is still somewhat good, despite of all these drama.

Lotsa love, Jana

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