Friday, September 25, 2009

Grumpy Lady and Crazy Uncle

It has been a while since I updated.

I apologize profusely for my lack of work here in this blog. Not that anybody really cares, except maybe you, my occasional pumpkin pie reader, I love you, yes I do.

I blame it all on Busy-ness, which I shall personify in this paragraph as a grumpy old lady who wants everything done perfectly in a perfect manner with every perfect detail in perfect order and perfect position and if anything is out of it's perfect design, then you can expect a perfectly horrid punishment, which will have long lasting repercussions that will burn into your mind the word: Perfection.

So, I've been really busy.

Like unbelievably busy.

Like no one could possibly believe that this whole busy-ness of mind is possible but you have no choice but to believe it because it is possible and it has happened to me.

And today?

For half the day, I'm allowed to rest for about twelve hours, before I am once again beset by that grumpy old lady (see third paragraph) and I'm not allowed to take a breather until the semesteral break comes, and even then I may still be disallowed to have fun. She's a busy old lady that way.


I come here, all ready to get some rest, and what do I get?

I get none of that because even though I'm not thinking about anxious thoughts of school and my requirements, I am still thinking of several anxious thoughts regarding my slowly breaking apart uncle, who may I just point out is the same uncle who went crazy in drama #3 and this is maybe because he's on drugs.

Yep, the very same.

So not only have been incredibly busy this past... lifetimes... I'm not even allowed to get that half-day rest that I came here for because I'm scared out my wits that said crazy relative might suddenly throw a tantrum and literally start throwing stuff across the room.

So why do I type like I'm not scared?

Because, dear pumpkin pies, this is how I deal with stress. Talking nonsense until it all disappears from view. Sometimes it works, most of the time it puts me into more trouble, but it never fails to distract me from the fear.

Thank heavens that I am not alone.

Lotsa love, Jana

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